Marcus Smolka, former postdoc, currently Associate Professor at Cornell University, Ithaca NY.

Sheng-hong Chen, former graduate student, currently Assistant Research Fellow, Institute of Molecular Biology, Academic Sinica, Taiwan.

Jason Liang, former graduate student, currently postdoc at Genetech, San Francisco.

Weidong Zhou, former postdoc, currently Research Assistant Professor, George Mason University.

Lu Gao, former postdoc, currently Roche Shanghai, PR. China.

Guoliang Wang, former postdoc, currently Software Engineer at Leidos Biomedical Research.

Veronica Baldo, former postdoc, currently Senior Scientific Specialist at ICIS - International Center on International Security.

Christie Eissler, former postdoc, currently scientist at Vividion, San Diego.

Christopher R. Carlson, former research technician, attending UCSF graduate school.

Tianshu (Peter) Liu, former intern, attending the graduate school at Yale University.

Yuhao (Arthur) Wang, former intern, attending John Hopkins graduate school.

Guanhua Bai, former intern, attending HKUST, Hong Kong.

Eyan Yeung, former MS student, currently PhD student at Princeton University.

Nathaniel Gaut, former research technician, currently PhD student at Univ. of Minnesota.

Stephanie Weng, former research technician, PhD. UCSD BMS program.

Xiao Wei, former student, pursuing a medical career