Congratulation to Ray

Ray has been selected as a postdoc trainee by the Growth Regulation and Oncogenesis Training Grant (NIH/NCI T32 CA009523). Of course, Ray will be using yeast as a model organism to understand the molecular basis of cancer, as the universality of fundamental mechanism has been well documented, in case you are wondering!

Great News

Our shared instrument grant has been awarded by NIH, allowing us to acquire the latest Fusion-LUMOS mass spectrometer, which is expected to be 10x faster with greatly improved sensitivity and accuracy than our current MS systems.

We plan to install it in the near future and work with our colleagues to explore its applications.

How to make cloning easier?

I spent much of my day, away from my computer, to play with genetics and cloning. It has come to my attention that yeast is a wonderful and master "cloner". With proper designs of PCR fragments, you can make just about anything, as yeast will do it all for you, not to mention the awesome power of yeast genetics has provided considerable new insights into genome instability and cancer!